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Empire Projects, Inc. provides program development, project management and property management services. The company serves building owners, company owners, facilities departments, and other real estate management companies. Clients include the private real estate industry (both tenants and landlords), the public sector (local, state and federal government), and institutional clients (universities, hospitals, and non-profits). The company prides itself on the "EPI Difference" --- the way we differentiate ourselves from our competition --- highlighted as follows: 

Multidisciplinary Approach

The EPI Team is a multi-disciplinary team, which includes architects, engineers, contractors and real estate industry professionals. This admixture --- of all of the relevant disciplines in the design, construction, and property management process --- creates a more pragmatic, "real world" approach to getting projects designed, built and operated according to the Client's needs.

Technical and Business Expertise

Management of EPI is composed of successful business people within the design, construction and real estate industries. Every member of the EPI Management Team has owned and operated a successful design, construction or real estate business. This real world business experience and knowledge makes EPI more in tune with our clients, who are themselves successful owners and/or managers.

Focus on Capital Cost Savings During Design and Construction Process

Empire Projects, Inc. looks at every stage of the project design and project construction as an opportunity to get the maximum value for the client. Often referred to a “value engineering”, there are many opportunities during the design and construction process to reduce costs without negatively impacting the quality of the project. Strategies during the design phase include: quality and completeness checks of the documents, judicious selection of systems and finishes, and overall management of the process to maximize clear communications between design team and client, to avoid costly changes during the design and construction process. A similar opportunity exists during the construction process. Critical to reducing construction costs are: inclusion of all project scope in Base Bid,  eliminating exclusions from bids, eliminating possible future change orders during the bidding process, managing the construction process to eliminate potential delays and associated additional costs, careful consideration of alternates, and keeping associated project costs under control during construction.  

Focus on Operational Cost Savings Post Occupancy

Empire Projects, Inc. is focused on managing the design and construction of projects to minimize operational costs during the post occupancy period. This involves careful selection of systems to maximize ease of use and minimize need for replacement following the completion of construction. Careful attention must also be paid to warranties, to make sure that any repair/replacement that occurs during the warranty period is covered. A large area of potential operational cost savings is clearly energy. Empire Projects, Inc. is focused on energy conservation through design, construction and operations.

Systematic Approach 

EPI offers a systematic approach to program development, project management, and property management. Written policies and procedures --- built up over years, focused on quality control and Client needs --- guide the EPI approach on all projects, setting a uniform standard that all EPI Project services must live up to.

Published Ethical Standards

Long overdue in the industry, EPI publishes and enforces a strict code of ethics on all projects. EPI team members are independent of all manufacturers, designers, vendors, and contractors. EPI team members are not permitted to accept any gifts, "not even lunch". 

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