Empire Projects, Inc. provides project management and owner’s representative (owner’s rep) services. Founded in 2003 in New York, the company serves real estate developers. Institutions, building owners, company owners, facility departments, and real estate management companies. Clients include private companies (business owners, landlords, and tenants); the real estate industry (developers, real estate management companies, coop boards, individual property owners); the public sector (local, state and federal government); and institutional clients (universities, hospitals, and non-profits).

Comprehensive Approach
Our firm has extensive experience in managing all aspects of a new development, whether a new building, renovation of an all or part of an existing building, or interior fit out of a tenant space. We are actively involved making the entire project a success, managing from the concept stage, through procurement of the site, building or tenant space; management of the design team of architects, engineers, and other consultants; through careful bidding of the project to get the best and most complete price; through signing of contracts for all parties, equipping the facility with FFE (fixtures, furniture and equipment); and finally through sign-offs, close-outs, and occupancy.

Alignment with Client
Understanding the goals and requirements of our clients is a first step in our process of project management. In many cases, as the project evolves, needs change, so the alignment process continues throughout the project. All decisions on the project are made on the basis of achieving results which either meet or exceed the client’s needs and expectations.

Multidisciplinary Team and Approach
The design, construction and FFE components of a project require a multidisciplinary approach. Our team members are all highly intelligent, organized and experienced in the various specialties that drive projects, including architecture, interior design, engineering, equipment specification/procurement, furniture specification/procurement, and the full range of specialty consulting (such as acoustics, environmental, facade, hazardous materials, noise, vibration, and waterproofing). Our team includes architects, contractors, developers, engineers, and procurement specialists.

Focus on Capital Cost Savings
Empire Projects, Inc. looks at every stage of the project design and project construction as an opportunity to get the maximum value for the client. Often referred to a “value engineering”, there are many opportunities during the design and construction process to reduce costs without negatively impacting the quality of the project. Strategies during the design phase include: quality and completeness checks of the documents, judicious selection of systems and finishes, and overall management of the process to maximize clear communications between design team and client, to avoid costly changes during the design and construction process. A similar opportunity exists during the construction process. Critical to reducing construction costs are: inclusion of all project scope in Base Bid, eliminating exclusions from bids, eliminating possible future change orders during the bidding process, managing the construction process to eliminate potential delays and associated additional costs, careful consideration of alternatives, and keeping associated project costs under control during construction.

Focus on Schedule
Empire Projects, Inc. is focused on managing the design and construction of projects to meet the project schedule. This involves creation of realistic schedules, constant monitoring of the work in relation to the schedules, and adjustment of on-going work where necessary to maintain the schedule.

Team Building and Leadership
Projects are built with teams, and the project manager must build and lead the team. This involves establishing an open, positive and construction environment for the job, and working to make sure all team members are participating in and reinforcing this environment.

Ethical Standards
Our firm practices an ethical approach to project management. Our firm and its members are independent of all manufacturers, designers, vendors, and contractors.